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You don't know what you're missing!


For years, people have been ranting and raving about my award-winning (Orange County), homemade cookies. After an extensive research, the opportunity presented itself to establish this business as a local, home-based Cottage Industry. Therefore, I am now an official Newport Beach business establishment, through the Orange County Health Department, with Permit Number, PR0098576. In addition, my husband and I also looked at other similar cookie sources, but with my super-fresh cookies, which are (no-preservative added), convenient, a local establishment, as well as quality with reasonable prices (freshly made batches of cookies from newly bought ingredients), my cookies quickly gave way to their mass marketing and volume costing. The proof was in the tasting and word-of mouth.


As a side note, because these cookies are as fresh as possible, with no cross-country shipping involved, cookies that are not consumed in a few days, can be wrapped in wax paper, put in an air-tight container, and frozen up to two months. When you are ready, simply thaw out the cookies on the counter for 10 minutes. Only this method will not change the quality and integrity of these homemade cookies. In others words, don't expect these cookies to sit arond for two weeks, without taking these simple precautions, and expect them to still be fresh.


Deborah Lawson-Sisker

Deborah's Delicious Delights

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