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Deborah's Cookies For Your Diet!
-- Low in Sugar, High in Taste --

By John Sisker, Husband & Manager


Deborah is now getting quite a few orders for her award-winning, homemade cookies. One bite, and people are hooked... and for good reason. She uses nothing but the freshest and the best ingredients for flavor and quality. All cookies are hand-made, not by automation, with everything made to order; which is what sets her apart from her competition. Yet ingredients are just one aspect of why she won many awards for her cookies. It's also her experience, education, dedication, top-notch home kitchen, as well as love for what she does. Believe me, it shows.


The word is getting out; people are buying her cookies for all kinds of reasons... for special occasions, gifts, surprises, but most of all, for personal consumption - simply because they are so good.

Yet we are also aware that some of you may have second thoughts. After all, they are still cookies. Are you on a diet? Have diabetes? Trying to cut down on sugar? Whatever the reason is that you may be holding off on ordering her cookies, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Naturally, moderation may be the key here, but remember, with her menu selection, the sugar content, just by her choice of ingredients, is much lower than simply going down to the store and buying cookies off the shelf. This approach applies to all her cookies.

In addition, she adds no preservatives whatsoever to anything she bakes, another thing to keep in mind for that healthier lifestyle. Does this mean her cookies are totally sugar free? Well, not exactly. Using a sugar substitute could change the taste, plus adds to the price.

Yet, as already pointed out, moderation on your part may help, but here's an inside tip just from me. Her Oatmeal Raisin Apricot Cookies are worth considering - which also includes walnuts. This wholesome cookie may get you much closer to your goal of sensible eating.


John Sisker


Deborah Delicious Delights

11 Moonrise Court, Newport Beach, California 92663-2103


949.791.8302     800.923-3315

Permit Number: PR0098576



Happy Birthday, John! Eat some good cookies! (Ken... the most important thing here is Deborah's good cookies. My birthday will pass, but her cookies will always be good.)

Ken McNerney/John Sisker





Deborah makes the best cookies, and uses fresh ingredients with no preservatives.  The chocolate chip are my personal favorite, but all of them are delicious.   Her brownies are hard to resist.  Very addictive.  I heartily recommend her delicious delights.


Susan  Swalin


I’ve “taste tested” all 5 Delights many, many times and wow, they are all addictively Delicious!  My 2 favorites (this week) are the Chocolate Chip and the Sour Cream Lemon Coconut Wafers. You can tell Deborah uses fresh, high quality ingredients from the buttery, gooey chocolate chips to the gentle burst of Lemon that teases your palette.  You won’t want to share!

Dede D


The Proof is in the Taste...

Costco vs. Deborah's Delicious Delights 


The price point from Costco may be good on some, but not the quality. The ingredients on most were big on shortening, not real butter like Deborah uses, the source with substituting other ingredients for far less quality, and something much cheaper.


In addition, most emphasized... "No Additional Preservatives," indicating, they already had plenty. This would have to be the case, for some cookies as far away as Poland.


If you are lucky enough to live in the area of Newport Beach, Deborah's cookies are ready for you anytime. They are awesome.

Virginia Haje


Deborah's cookies ARE delightful!  Try her delicious apricot raisin oatmeal.... wow....chunky and terrific!  How about her great chocolate chip cookies and her crispy coconut ones?  Mmm, mmm, mmm!


Ken McNern



Making Their Own Cookies...

On occasion, we had some of these small and local Mom & Pop Coffee Shops inquire about selling Deborah's Cookies within. Soon, we may take them up on this suggestion.


On the other hand, some tell us, why bother; they bake their own cookies within. Well, if their cookies are indeed convenient, reasonably priced and at least halfway decent-tasting, then that choice is theirs to make.


On the other hand, remember that the cookies from Deborah's Delicious Delights are her only business and emphasis. She won't be competing with French fries, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, or other daily specials, none of which will be cookies. Therefore, it could be a good idea if your were willing to give Deborah's Delicious homemade cookies a real chance!

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